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The objective of this site is to link people who need help, with people who want to offer help.

The current priority is to link Ukrainian refugees who need a place to live in, with people who have a spare room for a refugee and want to help them, and then to provide a continued support network for both guests and hosts.

The initial objective is to work alongside the Government and other Charities to ensure legal, safe, and documented passage so that we ensure everyone is safe, and we can truly help the Ukrainian people rebuild their lives. We want to offer support to ensure that people can adjust and feel safe and that those people opening up their homes also have a network of support to achieve our collective goal of rehabilitating our fellow humans.

Hopefully we can go on to assist with jobs, advice, wellbeing, and all the other elements of support that these displaced people will so need. 

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Homes for Ukraine: Welcome
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We are trying to build a network of hosts that we can help and support going forward within our local community of Henley and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to be part of this community then please register with us on our form below.

If you'd like to host but have no existing connections then please also register with thank you. 

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

Homes for Ukraine: Contact Support
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Our Story

Hello, I'm Gemma and I created this in the darkest hours thinking about all of the Ukrainian people having to flee their homes, and how long all of the processing is taking to get them to a place where they can breathe again and think about their next steps. Humanitarian centres are mandatory but 2 million people and counting are not going to get processed that quickly. I understand that all of the Governments of all of the Countries helping are doing what they can, but the process is simply too slow. Those children need to sleep in beds and feel safe again. Their mothers need to rest and breathe again, and they all need to feel clean sheets and clothes on their backs. They need time to think about their families and a way to contact their Fathers, Brothers, Sons, to know they're safe.

I am a Mother and I cant stop crying at the plight of all of these people. So my idea was simply to create a place where we can build a database that hopefully means we can start to place people in safe homes. This is not exclusive to Ukrainian refugees long term, but for the short term this is focussed on the Ukraine only. 

The aim is that this will evolve and we can also use this space to help refugees obtain jobs, for us to be able to connect children with schools and so on, but most importantly in a legal, safe, controlled and managed way, so that no one falls through the gaps.

If you're not able to offer a room, but want to be involved and believe you have skills to offer, then please get in touch. 

Many thanks 


Homes for Ukraine: About Us
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